Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Steampunk Anthology with Ann and Jeff VanderMeer

Following the New Weird anthology we're doing with Ann and Jeff next February, the VanderMeer duo has signed on to do a follow-up Steampunk anthology. Projected publication date is sometime between April and August 2008. Ann has also been named the fiction editor at New Weird Tales.

I wonder if they ever sleep? Nah.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Swanwick Novelette

Michael Swanwick has turned in the last piece for his upcoming Tachyon collection, The Dog Said Bow-Wow (September 2007). The new story is an original novelette, "The Skysailor's Tale."

The madness of King George and Queen Titania. The lost equations of the Whitpain Calculus. Sky-serpents, sweethearts, and storms that slash across worlds. The mighty airship, Empire, "an aerial city out of the Arabian Nights, an uncountable number of hulls and platforms dependent from a hundred or more balloons."

It's a doozy.


Locus 2006 Recommended Books / Awards

The 2006 Locus Recommended Reading List is out, and lo these four Tachyon books are upon it:

The Line Between, Peter S. Beagle
Can't Catch Me and Other Twice-Told Tales, Michael Cadnum
Year's Best Fantasy 6, David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer, eds.
Feeling Very Strange: The Slipstream Anthology
James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel, eds.

Ellen Klages also got a nod for The Green Glass Sea.

This list turns into the Locus Awards Poll, where readers get to pick the best sf/f books of aught six. There will be a print ballot in Locus, or much easier, an online ballot for you to vote for our books. I mean, for your favorites. Will keep you posted on that, as I do.