Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kirkus Science Fiction & Fantasy roundup

Kirkus Reviews has published their annual supplement devoted to science fiction and fantasy and we're in it. Twice. In their 4/1 issue (not an April Fool's Day joke as far as we can tell), they featured two Tachyon books. There's a write up and interview with Thomas M. Disch about his forthcoming Tachyon novel, The Word of God, saying, "Thomas M. Disch isn't afraid of backlash for what some might consider the writings of a heretic" and "extraordinarily funny..."

And regarding The New Weird, in a lengthy and very fun inteview: "Ann and Jeff VanderMeer bring their expertise and affection for sci-fi and fantasy to a detailed examination of one of the latest styles to hit this constantly evolving scene - The New Weird."

If you want to see what the *other* hot books in sf/f are, you can read the whole issue. They're talking about a lot of great new books, including Cory Doctorow's new YA novel, Little Brother ("it's hard to imagine the teenager who will remain unmoved by this powerful cautionary tale"). Check it out, true believers - sf/f is the place to be.


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