Monday, September 08, 2008

(C)ontent - what it is, how you can get it, and why you still need it even if you're not sure what it is

OK, I'm scooping Cory Doctorow for the first and only time in my life (I was briefly cutting-edge due to the eight hour time difference between San Francisco and London).

Newly available, here is Cory Doctorow's first nonfiction collection, (C)ontent: Selected Essays on Technology, Creativity, Copyright, and the Future of the Future.

What is (C)ontent? It's why Microsoft should stop treating their customers as criminals; how America chose copyright and Happy Meal toys over jobs; why Facebook is taking a faceplant; how Wikipedia is a poor cousin of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy; and of course, why free ebooks kick ass.

If you're a geek, you already know you want this book. If you're a noob, well, you don't know what that means and you *need* this book.

And yep, you can also get a free ebook of (C)ontent directly from Cory. Then, without even noticing you've whipped out your credit card (that happens to you too?) you'll happily buy our dead tree version. Cory explains it ... and after all, he's a New York Times bestseller who's also giving his work away. The man *knows* things....


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