Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why Ellen Klages will (er, should) win

The World Fantasy Awards will be announced this weekend at the World Fantasy convention in Calgary (I know, where else would they be announced?). Here's an informed vote from Joe Sherry for Ellen Klages's excellent collection, Portable Childhoods. Best of luck to Ellen and the rest of the nominees (a tiny bit less luck for the other nominees in the short story collection category, deserving as they are).

Interesting to note that all of the nominees in the collection category are from smaller independent presses (I have just discovered Comma Press, a UK non-profit publisher that speciailizes in short story collections - so cool). I think collections may seem risky for the larger publishers, yet we've done really well with ours. I am really glad and a bit proud that Tachyon continues to give authors such as Michael Swanwick, Peter S. Beagle, Carol Emshwiller, Ellen Klages, and the late Thomas M. Disch a venue for their shorter work (not counting all of the authors, too numerous to name here, in our anthologies). Yes, that's IMHO, but sf/f would be poorer not to have these books.


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