Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"Showcasing Moorcock's talent very well, thank you."

A great review from Booklist of The Best of Michael Moorcock (I particularly like the tip of the hat to editors John Davey and Ann and Jeff VanderMeer):

"Moorcock is best known for his epic stories of Elric and Cornelius but over the course of his career has covered vastly more ground than that. Selected from more than 40 years of publication, the collection opens with 'A Portrait in Ivory,' a contemplative view of the albino Elric written in response to a request to write a story illustrative of the word insouciant. Later comes 'Behold the Man,' which won awards and generated a great deal of controversy, as the report of any time traveler to the era of Jesus well might. And there is 'A Dead Singer,' in which ex-rock 'n' roll roadie Shakey Mo drives around with a resurrected Jimi Hendrix. Rounding things off is 'A Slow Saturday Night at the Surrealist Sporting Club,' a rather strange question-and-answer session with Jehovah at a club frequented by bizarre characters. It is all quintessential Moorcock - a wild, fascinating batch of stories fairly balancing the fantastic and the nearly ordinary, and showcasing Moorcock's talent very well, thank you."


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