Friday, December 04, 2009

Spotlight: Elizabeth Story
Intern of Awesome

Hello! It's me, Elizabeth - the Tachyon intern. You may remember me from such projects as the last few blog posts, or the 2009 Fall catalog that I made. I'm here to tell you a little about myself, and I've decided to do it in the third person.

Ready? OK!

Elizabeth Story has interned at Tachyon since September. In that time she has designed press kits, postcards, and that catalog she just mentioned. She also helped staff Tachyon's trade-show booth. This is aside from doing various intern-y things like filing, making spreadsheets, and stuffing envelopes.

She graduated with honors from the Creative Writing department at UC Santa Cruz. Her past work experience includes creating motivational posters and newsletters for a children's tutoring center, editing a campus literary magazine, and assisting in a perfumery.

Elizabeth's other interests include doing illustration and cartooning (that's her self-portrait you're admiring), 90's TV trivia, comic books, talking to herself at the grocery store, and, of course, science fiction. She now lives in Oakland where she has to cross the [expletive deleted] Bay Bridge to get to work. She is VERY AGAINST the proposed toll increases.

Elizabeth got into publishing after getting sick and tired of everyone asking "What are you gonna do with an English degree? Are you gonna teach English?" She hopes to continue in publishing as a career and is very excited to be working on projects with great authors like Joe R. Lansdale and Charles de Lint.

Also, she has already eaten all of your Oreos. Go ahead and check your pantry, you won't find them. They're gone.

Elizabeth's Art

[Note: We at Tachyon are delighted to have Elizabeth as our intern. She is truly awesome.]


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