Thursday, March 11, 2010

Terry Bisson is not left behind

Our own Terry Bisson, author of Greetings and Numbers Don’t Lie, has been busy. In addition to moderating the monthly SF in SF reading series, he is now editing Outspoken Authors, a line of elegant, edgy, political fiction for PM Press. The series has a great lineup, including The Lucky Strike by Kim Stanley Robinson, the forthcoming Mammoths of the Great Plains by Eleanor Arnason, and Terry’s own The Left Left Behind. Lucky Strike is Kim Stanley Robinson’s classic alternate-world story of the Enola Gay bombing. As with all PM reprint volumes, it comes with the author's new introduction and an interview. Eleanor Arnason and Terry Bisson have contributed original works. The Mammoths of the Great Plains involves genetic engineering, the American Indian Movement, and, you guessed it, mammoths. The Left Left Behind features Terry’s satiric take on the popular Christian movement/publishing phenomenon.

PM Press is putting out some of the most provocative, cutting-edge ficiton and nonfiction around. Check them out.


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