Friday, July 02, 2010

It's Friday Night, Let's See Some Art (and Zombies)!

Live in the San Francisco Bay Area? Need something to do tonight (July 2nd)? Good news! You can head on down to the Variety Preview Room for a night of art, wine, and zombies.

Science Fiction in San Francisco is hosting a reception for printmaker Daisy Eneix. Come have wine and snacks and enjoy Eneix's new twist on the age old art of brass rubbing. For more info on Daisy, check out her website.

Then, stick around for the SF in SF movie night. Tonight's showing is the pre-release screening of [REC]2, the hit Spanish horror film which was remade in the US as Quarantine. [REC]2 starts off 15 minutes after the first film left off, but it can stand alone so if you haven't seen the original don't let that stop you from coming. This film doesn't open to the public until July 9th, so catching tonight's showing gives you bonus bragging points for seeing it first.

So don't stay home tonight, hop on the BART and head to the Variety Preview Room. Art reception starts at 5:30, movie starts at 7:30. And don't forget to drop a $5 in the donation box or buy a drink, because all proceeds go to the Variety Children's Charity.


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