Monday, November 28, 2011

Occupy Wall Street library donations

Despite numerous police efforts to dismantle it, The People's Library has more lives than any fat cat on the New York Stock Exchange. Politics aside, the library represents free speech and the power of books to inspire social change. We're totally behind that. So thanks to the willingness of our authors, we've sent a box of Tachyon books to Occupy Wall Street. If you'd like to donate, send books to:

The UPS Store
Re: Occupy Wall Street
Attn: The People's Library
118A Fulton St. #205
New York, NY 10038


Anonymous Andi Shechter said...

Thank you. You represent the best of us. I had read that the library was dismantled by the NYPD and did not now it had returned.

1/01/2012 10:19 PM  

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