Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reviews from SF Crowsnest and Interzone

I've got two reviews to share with you, one online and one on the stands. First up, SF Crowsnest reviews Charles de Lint's Promises to Keep:
"Charles de Lint has always written tales along the edge of fantasy. Inhabiting his city of Newford are creatures and places that invade your dreams or are only glimpsed out of the corner of the eye. Some of ancestry of apparently normal people lies in the mystical. Those still in touch with their roots can touch the magic of the Earth. Most of the inhabitants are unaware of what is there. For the reader, it is a journey into mystery."
Then, Interzone reviews Kafkaesque: Stories Inspired by Franz Kafka. Interzone is a fantastic SF/F magazine, and one of the few left. They've got stories, reviews, interviews and much more to share, so if your local bookstore doesn't stock it, put in a request! Here's a little of what they have to say about Kafkaesque:
"The oldest story here is Kafka's own 'A Hunger Artist' (1922) in a new (and previously unpublished) translation by John Kessel. A man asserts himself through inverting his desire for food, using it to practice an art. The graphic version captures the elements of voyeurism, transformation, and the confusion of the roles of human and animal in the minds of audience and performer. The most recently published story is Terry Bisson's 'The Cockroach Hat', from 2010, a short and utterly deadpan piece that could have been written by someone called archy."
Preview and order the current issue, or subscribe to Interzone here.


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