Friday, March 09, 2012

Eyes Like Leaves winners (and other de Lint news!)

We fed the names of all the members in the Eyes Like Leaves Facebook group through our super-computer* and out came these lucky winners!

Congratulations to: Elaine Donholt, Jacquelyn Higgins, and Corrie Haldane-Adams who won a copy of Eyes Like Leaves and signed CDs of Charles de Lint and MaryAnn Harris' music.

Shar Tyrant, Jodie Redman, and Valerie Mallette won copies of Promises to Keep.

And cheers to Lm Brown and Kinara Erickson, who get signed CDs of Charles and MaryAnn's music.

(*our super-computer is actually Super-Intern Rachel, who helped us gather the hundreds of group member names for the drawing)

The drawing may be over, but we're still having lots of fun in the FB group talking about Eyes Like Leaves and our other favorite de Lint books. If you're a de Lint fan, come join us!

In other Eyes Like Leaves news, the Little Red Reviewer has just posted her excellent review:

"If you are a fan of deLint, Eyes Like Leaves should definitely become part of your collection. New to de Lint and like high fantasy? You should certainly give it a try."

And finally, in other Charles de Lint news, the YA blog A Cupcake and a Latte has an interview with de Lint where they talk about his new YA novel Under My Skin.

Happy de Lint day, everyone!


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