Friday, August 24, 2012

The Singularity (contest) is Nigh...ish!

The haiku contest
is almost over, so you
better send 'em in!

I don't think my haiku is a winner, but yours could be! The Singularity Haiku Contest ends Tuesday, August 28th, so get your syllables in line and go for it. Your haiku can either be pro-Singularity (it's happening, you guys!) or con (Nah-UH!) and there will be a winner from each category.

Both winners and top three finalists will get free copies of Digital Rapture: the Singularity Anthology signed by editors John Kessel and James Patrick Kelly, and the winners themselves will be treated to a FREE lunch with Kessel and Kelly at Worldcon in Chicago (lunch seat is transferable to a friend if you are not attending the convention). I've eaten with these guys, and they are some savvy sci-fi fellows, as well as a delight. Trust me, you want to win this.

Check out our Facebook page to see our favorites so far, and good luck!


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