Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ellen Klages interviewed in Publishers Weekly

The headline of Publishers Weekly's latest Flying Starts interviews: "Three authors and one illustrator who made notable children's book debuts this fall." And one of these notable authors and her notable book is Ellen Klages, and her novel, The Green Glass Sea. You can read the interview online. It's great to see Ellen get even more recognition for GGS (Penguin's sales reps picked The Green Glass Sea as their favorite title of the fall list, Book Sense made it a No. 1 pick ). The cool thing for us is that Ellen (and PW) mentioned her upcoming Tachyon collection, Portable Childhoods.

Ellen's one of those authors who is really hard to pigeonhole. In the introduction to Portable Childhoods, Neil Gaiman describes the fluidity of her stories, "They exist in a place on the borderland between genre and mimetic fiction, sometimes walking the line one way, sometimes the other, often leaving the reader unsure until the final paragraph what kind of story this has been..." In the afterword, Ellen says, "My stories have been described as fantasy, dark fantasy, science fiction, not science fiction, children’s, mainstream, and/or horror. (Often in different reviews of the same story.) I am a round peg in genre’s square hole; I write about childhood, and it’s an odd landscape, with contradictions around every corner."

Accordingly, though The Green Glass Sea came out from Viking Juvenile as a children's book, it has since been cross-shelved in bookstores in most of the aforementioned sections (I wonder if anyone's shelved it in horror?). GGS has also been very popular with librarians, to whom Ellen has permanently endeared herself with "In the House of the Seven Librarians," which she wrote for the terrific YA anthology Firebirds Rising. "In the House" will be in Portable Childhoods, and so will "The Green Glass Sea," the story that inspired the novel. PC also has three previously unpublished Klages stories, including the title story.

Portable Childhoods comes out in April 2007. Ask your local (indie!) bookseller where the heck they shelved it...


Blogger Mike Arnzen said...

Congrats to Ellen! That's great news. And I'm lovin the new blog! Happy holidays, -- Mike Arnzen

12/20/2006 9:03 AM  

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