Monday, April 02, 2007

Pre-Publication Blurbs for Swanwick collection

I was just struck by how great the pre-pub blurbs are for The Dog Said Bow-Wow, our Michael Swanwick collection coming out this September:

"Every reader with a dollop of humanity will admire Michael Swanwick's rowdy good humor. His towering creativity seems so effortless that it is easily overlooked - so effortless, and so immense. You won't want to put this book down."
-Gene Wolfe

"Michael Swanwick is one of my all-time favorite short story writers. Sometimes he makes me laugh, sometimes he makes me shudder, sometimes he makes me weep. He always makes me think. And that's just when I am talking to him."
-Jane Yolen

"By turns funny, clever, mysterious, and possessing hidden depths, the stories in Swanwick’s latest collection demonstrate he’s at the top of his game. Delightful, thoughtful work, sure to please his readers."
–Jeff VanderMeer

"For most writers, it's a good day when a story is witty, or has great ideas or characters. Michael Swanwick consistently wins on all three."
-Vernor Vinge

"In The Dog Said Bow-Wow, a valuable author has taken the disreputable duckling of category fiction and nurtured it into a swan of elegant speculation, as the wick of disciplined fancy draws the reader’s inflamed imagination ever downward through the waxen feast. Swan and wick: an essential conjunction yielding wonder, warmth, wit, and many a synergistic epiphany."
-James Morrow

"Michael Swanwick's The Dog Said Bow-Wow is an extraordinarily strong collection. His fierce imagination, subtle humor, and genius for implication are evident in each of these stories. From outer space to the land of faerie to all those strange and familiar places in between, he's gathered wonder and brought it back alive."
-Jeffrey Ford


Thanks to all of these folks for taking the time to read Michael's work, and coming up with such articulate praise. You are allies, all.


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