Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Swanwick Unmasked

Well, it didn't take long, after a few false starts (no, neither Khyentse Rinpoche nor Woody Allen called Michael "the one true Western Bodhisattva."). Congrats to Richard Mason over at Caltech, who correctly identified Swanwick himself as the author of said quote, which was originally published in Asimov's SF as "Letters to the Editor," and then in his short-short (a.k.a. microfiction) Tachyon collection Cigar Box-Faust and Other Miniatures. Richard will receive the promised mostly-sacred copy of Michael Swanwick's Field Guide to the Mesozoic Megafauna.

In the interest of fairness, very close runner-up Josh Bales will receive a slightly-less-holy Field Guide, which Michael signed with his left hand instead of his right.


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