Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Angry, Angry, ANGRY Flower

The advent of San Francisco geekfest WonderCon lead me to check out what Tachyon's own Stephen Notley, author of Bob the Angry Flower: Dog Killer is up to.

Turns out Notley's been busy posting some wicked new strips on his website, free of charge as always. I'm happy to report that Notley's brilliant melange of superheroes, physics, politics, and absurdity continues, and you should really check out "Experimental Support," "Hamsterfall," and "What Paul M. Charest Wants, Paul M. Charest Gets." Whoa. I mean, exactly how many cartoonists know about the Singularity anyway?

As the Onion said, "The long-awaited Dog Killer (Tachyon) is a whole new chance to revel in Notley's fevered, nihilistic madness." Geeks, take notice.


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