Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Check out the New Weird. It's on us.

Here's a web-exclusive extra for The New Weird. The New Weird is our brand new Ann and Jeff VanderMeer edited anthology of edgy, visceral, urban fiction (think Lovecraft meets Peake meets Barker meets MiƩville). In a starred review, Publishers Weekly said of it, "this extremely ambitious anthology will define the New Weird much as Bruce Sterling's landmark Mirrorshades anthology defined cyberpunk." So that's what you're getting when you buy the book. But now you're also getting a free sneak peek.

"Festival Lives," is an original collaboration by Paul Di Filippo, Cat Rambo, Sarah Monette, Daniel Abraham, Felix Gilman, Hal Duncan, and Conrad Williams. Each of these seven authors wrote a view of Di Filippo's insane creation, a vibrant, deadly festival of corrupt priests, stealthy terrorists, ethereal choirboys, ravening salp-hounds, vengeful detectives, and more. Di Filippo also wrote a coda to "Festival Lives," (don't worry, it doesn't give much of anything away), and here it is:

View 8: Tangled in the Nets of the Gods.

You'll get over a hundred pages of New Weird original fiction and nonfiction essays, plus the fifteen stories selected by the VanderMeers as true exemplars of the genre, when you pick up your copy of The New Weird. If you buy it on the Tachyon site, we are offering free Media Mail shipping (just select it in your shopping cart during checkout). Go for it.


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