Monday, October 15, 2007

Beagle wins WSFA Small Press Award for "El Regalo"

This Sunday, Peter S. Beagle received the inaugural WSFA Small Press Award for "El Regalo," from his Tachyon collection, The Line Between. The WSFA Award, given by the Washington Science Fiction Association at Capclave, is for original short fiction works of imaginative literature published by a small press.

Since Peter is on the road, the ever-gracious Michael Swanwick picked up the award. In his blog today, Michael included the text of the en-pointe speech he gave from Peter, commenting, "The audience, I should note, laughed at all the right places and none of the wrong ones, and gave the great man a thunderous standing ovation at the end." (Surely that couldn't have anything to do with Michael's delivery...)

Thanks to the hard-working folks at the WSFA, who, in the midst of throwing Capclave, recognized Peter and the highly amusing "El Regalo," best described by Connor Cochran: "the World's Most Annoying Eight-Year-Old bend[s] time, fate, and household chores to his sorcerous will."

As a bonus, Tachyon gets a WSFA statuette too. Looking forward to toting it around in my trench coat and flashing it at strangers. That's not illegal, right?



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