Monday, October 01, 2007

Klages on and
Weisman interviewed by VanderMeer on SF Site

What do these two news items have in common? They happened today, and Jacob published Ellen's collection Portable Childhoods. And you thought this was a random grouping. Nothing we do at Tachyon is random - nothing, I tell you. And back to the news:

Ellen Klages reads Portable Childhoods on Ellen was filmed reading at Book Passage by the good people at, an interactive media community with excellent, wide-ranging political, social, and cultural content (yes, that's a plug, and yes, I really do find their site compelling). The full reading, multiple excerpts, and selections from the Q & A session are up on the site. Very cool.

Jeff VanderMeer interviews Jacob Weisman on SF Site. Disclosing his close ties to Tachyon (he's the co-editor, with Ann VanderMeer, of our forthcoming New Weird and Steampunk anthologies), Jeff nonetheless interviews Jacob (pretty darned objectively) on a variety of subjects Tachyon. Look for Jacob's Tribble analogy for book acquisitions, and a nice compliment for me (what, I can't have an ego?).



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