Thursday, September 06, 2007

2008 Spring/Summer Books

Hey – we’re back, after preparing to announce our Spring/Summer 2008 line. Check out the goods:

May 2008:
The Steampunk Anthology
Edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer
Trade paperback 14.95 / 978-1-892391-75-9

Contributors include Neal Stephenson, Joe Lansdale, Paul Di Filippo, Michael Chabon, Ted Chiang, James Blaylock, Jay Lake, Michael Moorcock, and Stepan Chapman. Whew. Jeff says: "the term 'steampunk' refers to a brand of often gonzo pseudo-Victorian fiction featuring alternate technologies such as dirigibles, steam-driven robots, and other automata.” It's going to be seriously fun.

June 2008:
Year's Best Fantasy 8
Edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer
Trade paperback 14.95 / 978-1-892391-76-6

Contributors likely to include (a touch too early in the year to promise): Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix, Tad Williams, Kage Baker, Michael Moorcock, and Elizabeth Hand. Another excellent Hartwell/Cramer hand-picked lineup. Booklist said Year's Best Fantasy 7, “constitute[s] a who's-who-and-cool in contemporary fantasy.”

July 2008:
The Word of God: Or, Holy Writ Rewritten
Thomas M. Disch
Trade paperback 14.95 / 978-1-892391-77-3
Limited (price TBD) / 978-1-892391-80-3

In early 2005 (A.D.), wearying of the world’s religious obsessions, doctrinal divisions, and perhaps his own career, Thomas M. Disch took matters into His Own hands and became the Deity. Then it got a little weird. An original novel by Disch, his first in nine years. No, not an novel - an event.

July 2008:
Nancy Kress
Trade paperback 14.95 / 978-1-892391-78-0

Small town, virulent virus infecting dogs, CDC incompetence, and possibly, terrorists. Ex-FBI agent Tessa Sanderson's got her hands full. A terrific new biological thriller from Kress, who according to Publisher's Weekly, “creates chilling suspense as twisty as a DNA double helix.”

August 2008
The Stress of Her Regard
Tim Powers
Trade paperback 14.95 / 978-1-892391-78-0

Dr. Michael Crawford wakes up to a bed soaked by carnage and the impossibly savaged body of his bride. He flees England to escape the hangman's noose. His only hope lies with the most notorious poets of the age: Keats, Shelley, and Byron. A long-awaited reprint of the Powers classic - no more paying $20-30 for a used mass-market paperback (no, I'm not kidding; check ABE).


I'll make our usual excellent offer: email to pre-order and we'll ship for free. While you're at it, reserve your copy of Rewired, out in just a couple of weeks.


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