Monday, June 11, 2007

Starred PW review for Ellen Klages

Ellen Klages has just received a starred Publishers Weekly review for Portable Childhoods.

[STAR] Klages, whose debut novel, Green Glass Sea (2006), won the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction, demonstrates both superior writing skill and a wide range in an impressive short story collection that defies easy categorization. The 16 selections, three of which are original to the volume, include moving mainstream tales of human relationships, like the title story, about a mother and daughter, as well as fantasy and science fiction. The author is equally adept at short, twisty narratives that make the most of premises that could be gimmicks in lesser hands, like the recursive "Möbius, Stripped of a Muse." This collection will linger in the memory long after reading, and should help garner a larger audience for Klages's forthcoming second novel.

This is Ellen's second consecutive starred PW Award, close on the heels of one for her first novel, The Green Glass Sea. So PW's given everything she's published at book length a starred review. Not too shabby.


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There's a good review here:

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