Friday, April 04, 2008

Peter S. Beagle world première of
"The Stickball Witch" on Green Man Review

Green Man Review has posted a podcast of Peter S. Beagle's brand new story "The Stickball Witch". This is a delightfully whimsical tale of the perils of boyhood in the Bronx, and you can't read it anywhere else - technically, you can't read it at all, since, remember, it's a *podcast.* So let Peter read it to you - you're in for a real treat. Then you can read for yourself in Tachyon's forthcoming Beagle collection, We Never Talk About My Brother.

GMR also recently posted two thorough and very well-written reviews of our books:

The Dog Said Bow-Wow: "The stories in the collection The Dog Said Bow-Wow are, indeed, polished works, marked by inventive settings and a bent toward the weird. They display a particular richness of invention that seems to be one of the hallmarks - and blessings - of post-genre fiction."

The New Weird: "While the images in these stories strike one as hauntingly familiar with their ruined cities, twisted labyrinthine architectures, macabre rituals, and nightmarish chimeras that are part human, part monster, they also reflect newer anxieties regarding nuclear apocalypse, fascist governments, genetic engineering, and emotional alienation."

While you're there, spend some time checking out GMR; they are really doing some amazing work over there, articulately championing the literary end of the genre.


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