Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tributes to Thomas M. Disch

As the sf and mainstream communities discover the sad fact of Tom Disch's suicide on July 4th, a number of very eloquent and loving eulogies are being offered.

Reflections, remembrance, more:
(Thanks to Charles Tan and Ed Champion for helping with this collection)

Ellen Datlow
(Ellen, who lives near Tom's apartment, broke the news of his apparent suicide before it was confirmed)
Jacob Weisman, publisher, Tachyon Publications
The New York Times
The Washington Post
The Los Angeles Times
The Advocate
The UK Telegraph
The UK Guardian
Entertainment Weekly
The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Weekly Standard
The Atlantic
New York Magazine
Boing Boing

Jeff VanderMeer
Ed Champion
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Scott Edelman
L. Timmel Duchamp
The Tomorrow Museum
Cat Rambo
James A. Owen
Elizabeth Hand
Nick Kaufmann
Nick Mamatas
Jonathan Strahan
John Joseph Adams (and for SCI FI Wire)
Alan Bostick
Stephen Gallagher

Jay Lake
SF Signal
Colleen Doran
Ed Park
William Gibson
Bruce Lewis
Tom Moody
Wet Machine
Scott Woods
Stephen Frug
Mark Kelly
Suzanne Fischer

Mark Laidlaw
Galley Cat
Lasting Tribute
Mike Allen
Reason Magazine
Animation Magazine
Bright Lights After Dark
Tom Tomorrow
Moshe Feder (from File 770)
Todd Swift
Baroque in Hackney
Stephen Bodio
Clark Perry
J. A. Lee
Scott Edelman


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