Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Michael Swanwick wins Locus Award

Congratulations to the ever-amazing Mr. Swanwick for winning a Locus Award for "A Small Room in Koboldtown." The story is also nominated for a Hugo Award, which given Michael's track record (an unprecedented five Hugos in six years), he just might win too.

You can read this suspenseful locked-room mystery set in Faery, along with the rest of Michael's recent short fiction, in his third and latest Tachyon collection The Dog Said Bow-Wow. Publishers Weekly said in a starred review, "In addition to their individual quality, the 16 stories in this rollicking collection amply demonstrate Hugo-winner Swanwick's impressive versatility." It includes not one, not two, but *three* of those Hugo Award winning stories.

Plus, if you order now, we'll even give you free Media Mail shipping. You want, need, must have a copy.


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