Monday, May 05, 2008

Starred Publishers Weekly review
and Disch interview


The Word of God
*STAR* Satire, sociology, religion and biography get tossed into a blender in New Wave poet and fantasist Disch’s latest roller-coaster ride. Claiming that he himself is God, Disch (Camp Concentration) uses notions of divinity to explore his own, sometimes fictionalized life as well as modern culture, dancing in and out of the narrative and weaving in a short story that underlines and mocks the points made in bursts of biography, poetry and no-holds-barred social commentary. Disch also brings in old grudges with fellow author Philip K. Dick, alternately harsh (condemning the “bitter, burnt-out, alcoholic all-American loser” to a personalized hell) and tongue-in-cheek, but for the most part the narrative avoids getting lost in self-indulgence. The careful reader will tease out many solid truths from the tangle of humor, history, surrealism and speculation. The density of ideas packed into this short book is as impressive as Disch’s mastery of his craft. (July)

Also, there's Adam Knave's companion interview, in which Disch reveals a bit more about his divinity.

Now if Kirkus will be as kind to us when they review Steampunk on the 15th. If it's a starred review, I won't even complain about their bizarre new policy of charging $15 for a tear sheet (a copy of the review). Never seen anyone charge for a tear sheet. Of course you could just buy the issue for $25, which is $12.50 off of the single issue price. I know it's mostly for libraries, but, well, yikes.


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