Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Aussies in zeppelins

The Australian Broadcast Company has just broadcast an interview with Jeff VanderMeer about steampunk (and Steampunk). You'll need to skip about halfway through the show, bypassing Isabel Allende (unless you're a fan of hers). The Book Show's interviewer (or as the Aussies say, "presenter"), Ramona Koval, is cool, curious, and irreverent (plus, the cute accent), and Jeff gets to riff (always good) on elfpunk, the subtype of the mad scientist (a.k.a. concerned researcher), and why goths don't appreciate his fashion sense.

Also, if you haven't checked out Jeff, Ann, and the Evil Monkey's Guide to Kosher Imaginary Animals, well, then how will you know if you can eat chupacabras this week? And a happy Passover to you too...


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