Sunday, May 04, 2008

Authentically steampunk

I was totally unprepared for the sheer fun madness of Maker Faire, which was both huge and very well attended. The highlight for me was The Heather Gold Show's live webcast on being retaining one's authenticity while being a part of a (sub)culture (in this case, Steampunk). The panel featured some very incisive SP folks who were nice enough to chat with me afterward. There was Jake Von Slatt from The Steampunk Workshop, who exemplifies the Maker spirit and is every bit as sweet as I'd imagined from his online presence; the rather dashing Captain Robert, who fronts the SP band Abney Park; and Libby Bulloff, wildly creative artist and proprietress of Exoskeleton Cabaret, and Steampunk Magazine editor. I also met Steampunk Magazine's highly knowledgeable editor and publisher Magpie, who first published the excellent Rachel Pollack story "Reflected Light," which was reprinted in Steampunk. Magpie is considering moving into book publishing (do it, Magpie!). I got to show off and pass out a few copies of Steampunk (which I smuggled in), and everyone was delighted and impressed by it (naturally).


Blogger Libby said...

Many thanks again for the delightful book. Glad you had fun at the Faire!

-libby bulloff

5/25/2008 6:16 PM  
Blogger Tachyon Publications said...

Hi Libby. Glad you liked the antho - it was great to meet you as well.


5/27/2008 10:26 AM  

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