Saturday, September 20, 2008

The User's Guide to Steampunk

Bruce Sterling. May I say - wow. If you've read nothing else about steampunk, first read this.

And no matter if you're into the cosplay (who doesn't love a cool pair of steampunk goggles?) or at the pinnacle of the upcycling movement, (or like me, contentedly yet curiously in-between) check out the first annual Steam Powered: The California Steampunk Convention.

But first read Chairman Bruce's essay, above. Then read Steampunk. *Then* build your own unique version of something like (but not identical to) a steampunk laptop. To understand (or become a) steampunk, you gotta know the rules so you can break them. It's the "punk" in steampunk, and it's flourishing in a garage near you.


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