Monday, March 22, 2010

What's coming from Tachyon

At Tachyon, we actually have *two* slogans: "Saving the world, one good book at a time" and "Smart Science Fiction and Fantasy." Here some Tachyon titles that will smartly save the world in the months to come...

The Third Bear
Jeff VanderMeer
July 2010
Compared by critics to Borges, Nabokov, and Kafka, an inventive contemporary fantasist continues to amaze with this surreal, innovative, and absurdist gathering of award-winning short fiction. Exotic beasts and improbable travelers roam restlessly through Jeff Vandermeer's darkly diverting and finely-honed tales.

The Very Best of Charles de Lint
July 2010
The finest stories of this popular pioneer of urban fantasy and creator of the mythical city of Newford have been chosen by Charles de Lint — and his fans — and gathered in this extraordinary collection. These are retold fairy tales and new modern myths that redefine magic, whether it's found in a heroic, selfless act or sitting two tables away at your local café.

The Secret History of Fantasy
Peter S. Beagle, ed.
August 2010
In this exciting canonic volume, Peter S. Beagle introduces readers to the other side of fantasy fiction. As epic sword-and-sorcery fantasy became popular, gifted writers rediscovered older fantasy classics and redefined the genre in their own unique voices. Contributors include Gregory Maguire, Francesca Lia Block, Stephen King, Yann Martel, Patricia McKillip, and more.

The Search for Philip K. Dick
Anne R. Dick
September 2010
This highly-revealing biography and memoir reveals the inner workings of one of the twentieth century’s most important writers through his tumultuous relationship with his third wife. Even after their marriage collapsed, Philip K. Dick continued to haunt Ann Dick, appearing in her life at random intervals and then retreating again. Upon his tragic death, she spent many years researching his life, resulting in an unrepresented portrait of both the man and her life with him, for better and for worse.

Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded
Ann & Jeff VanderMeer, eds.
October 2010
Steampunk Reloaded takes up where the highly popular first Steampunk anthology left off. Herein you will find ample new evidence of the burgeoning Steampunk tradition, from the light and humorous to the decidedly more serious. Clockwork contraptions, outrageous dirigibles, and insane inventors hold court, lovingly collected in classic tales as well as original art, fiction, and nonfiction. Contributors include William Gibson, Jake Von Slatt, Cherie Priest, Gail Carriger, and many more.

Flaming Zeppelins
Joe R. Lansdale
November 2010
Join the disembodied head of Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley, Sitting Bull, Frankenstein (a.k.a. The Creature), the Tin Man, Captain Nemo, the Flying Dutchman, and the inestimable Ned the Seal, as they embark upon a spectacular set of non-stop Steampunk adventures. For the first time, these two epic chronicles, partly-inscribed by a courageous young seal on his trusty notepad, are collected together in one volume.

Crucified Dreams
Joe R. Lansdale, ed.
February 2011
Crossing noir with the supernatural, this luridly visceral anthology attacks polite society and plunges into the unthinkable horrors lurking in its underbelly. These are savage tales of private dicks, serial killers, pitiless demons, recalling the wino in the gutter who was an opera singer before his throat was slit.

Sleight of Hand
Peter S. Beagle
March 2011
This extraordinary collection of new fiction reveals a magician at the height of his powers, a storyteller who is more mesmerizing with every tale. From the top of the Berlin Wall to the depths of the darkest seas, gods and monsters battle their enemies and innermost fears, yet mere mortals make the truly difficult choices. Whether melancholy, comedic, or deeply tragic, these tales are suffused with a luminous misdirection that reveals far more meets the eye.


Your future reading list just got a whole lot more interesting.


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