Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let's Go to the Third Bear Carnival!

Don't worry, it's a metaphorical carnival. An actual Third Bear carnival would probably be a major violation of the Department of Parks and Recreation's safety standards.

This particular carnival is on Matt Cheney's blog, and features a collection of various writer's reaction's to stories in Jeff VanderMeer's The Third Bear. Some are hilarious, some are critical analysis, and one is a comic strip! More will be added soon, so stay tuned.

Click Here to Visit the Third Bear Carnival

In other VanderNews, Richard Dansky over at has written a great review of The Third Bear.

The back cover text for Jeff VanderMeer’s short fiction collection The Third Bear makes it very clear that this ain’t your daddy’s short story collection. The contents are explicitly called out as “surreal and absurdist”, and the stories live up to this billing. No good versus evil here, no heroes or villains or tidy endings pop up amongst the talking rockhopper penguins and symbiotic flying manta rays and alternate 9/11s. Even the title of the collection, drawn from the lead story, is a warning not to expect the obvious.
...Crisp, elegant slightly detached prose and stories... much to admire and enjoy.

Read the rest here


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