Monday, September 20, 2010

Tachyon Turns 15!

Happy Anniversary! Yesterday, Tachyon Publications celebrated 15 years of smart science fiction and fantasy, and it was a blast!

Books! Cake! Authors! CAKE! The Norton Awards! CAKE WITH RUM IN IT!
Check out Amelia Beamer and Jacob Weisman's flickr pages to see what you missed.

15 years in publishing, especially for an independent press, is a big deal. As Jacob said at the party, we were so happy for the chance to emerge from our office and celebrate it with all of you friends and booklovers.

The party was fantastic, and many thanks are in order. Thank you to Borderlands Books in San Francisco for being fabulous hosts. Thank you James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel, who came a long way to celebrate with us and give their speech. Thank you to Madeleine Robbins for the awesome rum cake, to Rina Weisman for cooking and organizing the event, and Amelia Beamer for taking pictures. And thanks to everyone who came and celebrated this with us, you made this birthday a Birthday Party and we loved celebrating with you.

Of course the biggest thanks goes to the readers, to all the fans of smart science fiction and fantasy. 15 years strong! We'll be thanking you by continuing to save the world, one good book at a time.


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