Monday, July 19, 2010

Come See Brian and Wendy Froud Tonight!

Attention faerie-loving Bay Area residents! Want to see Dark Crystal and Labyrinth artists Brian and Wendy Froud tonight? Of course you do!

Come down to the Variety Preview Room tonight to hear the renowned pair discuss their new box set, The Heart Of Faerie Oracle

As conceptual designer for Dark Crystal, Brian Froud provided Henson with hundreds of paintings, drawings and sculptures to define the characters, and worked very closely with the construction of the maquettes. Wendy Froud, a key member of the original conceptual team, was in charge of creating the Gelflings and also operated the radio-control mechanism that gave Jen his subtle facial expressions. For Labyrinth, Brian produced the drawings that gave inspiration to screenwriter, Terry Jones.

Wendy Froud was also part of the team that created Yoda for The Empire Strikes Back, doing a major part of the developing, sculpting and puppet building.

Seated is first come first serve, but you can email to reserve up to two seats.

The Variety Preview Room
582 Market St. @ Montgomery
1st floor of The Hobart Bldg.
Doors open at 6:00PM
Cash Bar - Proceeds to Variety
Readings begin at 7:00PM

See you there!


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