Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tachyon in Bull Spec

We are just going to keep celebrating our 15th Anniversary until we get tired of it--and don't count on that happening any time soon. Today, Bull Spec is joining the ongoing birthday party with a fantastic article on Tachyon's 15 years in the business. Here are some excerpts from the piece, which is by Bull Spec publisher Samuel Montgomery-Blinn:

A decade and a half ago, Tachyon Publications published Ganglion and Other Stories by Wayne Wightman. After a typically low-key celebration (rum cake, authors flown in from across the country, etc.) at San Francisco’s Borderlands Books, founder, editor, and publisher Jacob Weisman reflected on why he started the company and the changes he’s seen over the years.

"We started in 1995 as a small press, publishing forgotten giants of our field: Clifford D. Simak, Stanley G. Weinbaum, Ward Moore. I felt these authors were being marginalized and that I was, perhaps, in a position to help them," wrote Weisman.

Tachyon has grown a reputation for good work, both in terms of publishing books readers want to read, and in how it works with authors and editors. "Tachyon is professional, pragmatic, and creative," writes Jeff VanderMeer, when I asked him why Tachyon was the right home for The Third Bear...they have an editorial and production process that would be the envy of many New York publishers."

Read the rest here, or pick up a copy of the magazine. If you can't find this genre gem in your local bookstore, you can order it through the Bull Spec website.


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