Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tachyon March Madness: Two New Books!

Sleight of Hand and Crucified Dreams have finally hit the shelves!

Current Peter Beagle fans are already excited for a new collection (and we're just as excited to print it for you), but if you're one of those The Last Unicorn fans who hasn't read any of his short stories, then you need to pick up Sleight of Hand. Today. You've been missing out on some of the greatest short fiction out there for far too long.

Crucified Dreams supernatural, super intense, super scary, and super! (thanks for asking.) These are Tales of Urban Horror by old, new, and unexpected favorites, such as: Harlan Ellison, Octavia Butler, Stephen King, Lucious Shepard, Ellen Klages, and more.

These scary, disturbing stories will stay with you. They will poke their heads out to make you walk faster whenever you pass by a dark alley. And that's why you'll like them so much.


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