Monday, April 09, 2012

After the Fall reviewed...everywhere...

Three excellent new reviews for Nancy Kress's After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall.

UK Guardian

"Kress succeeds in tackling major themes – societal responsibility, the stewardship of the planet and mother love – and the twist-in-the-tale finale, despite the role of the Tesslies being unresolved, is wholly satisfying. Recommended."

Denver Post

"Past and future are stories on a collision course with their efforts to build a family. Pete is an angry teenager in a very unjust world who is lashing out at all around him. Julie is making a life with her daughter while her analytic skills are telling her something is very wrong. Kress makes us care about both of these characters as well as the fate of the whole planet."

The Little Red Reviewer

"Kress's After The Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall is sure to make more than a few best of the year lists in nine or ten months.... Now go find a copy of this book and inhale it."


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