Thursday, September 13, 2012

Look, up in the sky!

We're truly excited to announce the summer 2013 release of our anthology Super Stories of Heroes & Villains, edited by the known foiler of Super Geniuses everywhere, Claude Lalumière.  

In addition to being super-cool, Claude is the editor of eleven previous anthologies, including Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic, Lust for Life: Tales of Sex & Love, Bibliotheca Fantastica, Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories, and the Aurora Award nominee Tesseracts Twelve: New Novellas of Canadian Fantastic Fiction. He’s the author of two books: the collection Objects of Worship and the mosaic novella The Door to Lost Pages, and is the co-creator of the multimedia cryptomythology project Lost Myths.  

If you have any suggestions or would like to submit a story to Super Stories of Heroes & Villains, now's your chance.  Up, up, and away... 


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