Friday, February 22, 2008

The State of South Carolina

The VanderMeers are, to my knowledge, headed to the South Carolina Book Festival (assuming they got on a later flight after their initial flight was delayed). As a tie-in today, the State, South Carolina's largest daily newspaper, has featured the festival, The New Weird anthology, and an interview with Jeff and Ann, A Voyage to the Weird. I particularly liked the lead-in:

Jeff VanderMeer and his wife, Ann, have a weird relationship. She spends her days reading tales of dragons and vampires as editor for Weird Tales Magazine, while he pens fiction about a surreal world called Ambergris. Occasionally they combine forces, like when they served as editors for this year’s anthology "The New Weird."


I always knew there was something weird about the VanderMeers. I just thought it was that they never sleep.


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