Monday, July 14, 2008

Thomas M. Disch - a last roundup

I'm posting the last of the obits for Tom here. It's time for us here at Tachyon to start getting back to normal. It's not that Jacob and I aren't still sad, but we need to continue doing what we do, which I like to think Tom would appreciate.

I'm waiting to hear back from Tom's estate about the copy edits for The Wall of America. Tom and I were scheduled to go over the edits the Monday after he died. When we get the manuscript back from his apartment, I'll be interpreting his markings. He told me there weren't many changes to what Marty Halpern, the copyeditor, had called out. It will be strange and sad to see that manuscript, which is one of the last things Tom worked on professionally (as far as I know). We're still planning to have the book out in October; again, I believe that is what Tom wanted.


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