Friday, April 02, 2010

Announcing the Make-a-Genre Contest Winner!

And the winner is...Andrew Fox!

Despite it being a total conflict of interest (he's the author of Tachyon title, The Good Humor Man), Andrew Fox is the winner of our first annual Make-a-Genre contest!

Here's his submission:


Writers are encouraged to revisit the realm of classic American animation to appropriate any characters which have fallen into the Public Domain. Said characters, rescued from obscurity, will inhabit a new "shared universe" where the iconography, costuming, and speech patterns of the Jazz Age and Depression America have been grafted onto the U.S.A. of the Obama Era,
creating a rich mise-en-scene wherein anthropomorphic animals can act out their antisocial impulses, interact with bizarre new technologies, experiment with interspecies sex, and work on their abandonment issues.


Andrew, your book will be published as soon as we get your money for it (see contest rules from yesterday's post). We accept checks, paypal, Visa/Mastercard (NOT Discover, who do you think we are?) but of course, cash is preferred.

Andrew will be at RavenCon next weekend, stop by if you're in the area and let him know how much you're looking forward to FURRYPUNK: THE ANTHOLOGY.


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