Friday, March 25, 2011

Forthcoming Tachyon books for 2011/2012

Let's hop in the DeLorean and take a look into the future, shall we? Ah, here we go. I see...books! The future is full of books! (Take that, ancient Mayans.)

Here's a look at the books of the very near future coming from Tachyon this fall and next spring:

The Bible Repairman and Other Stories
September 2011
Tim Powers

In his first new collection since 2005, the master of the secret history delves into the mysteries of souls, whether they are sacrificed on the pinnacle of Mount Parnassus or lodged in a television cable box. Featuring two original Tim Powers tales - including a journey backward in time to revisit the Romantic poets - The Bible Repairman and Other Stories also gathers his short fiction previously only available in limited hardcover editions.

Context: Selected Essays on Productivity, Creativity, Parenting, and Politics in the 21st Century
Cory Doctorow
October 2011

One of the internet's most celebrated hi-tech culture mavens returns with his second collection of essays and polemics. Discussing complex topics in an accessible manner, Cory Doctorow shares his vision of a future where artists have full freedom of expression, as well as his view that creators need to benefit from their own creations. From extolling the Etsy makerverse to excoriating Apple for dumbing-down technology while creating an information monopoly, each unique piece is brief, witty, and at the cutting edge of tech.

Kafkaesque: Stories Inspired by Franz Kafka
John Kessel and James Patrick Kelly, eds.
November 2011

Mystery, horror, comedy, speculation, paradox, political allegory, nightmare: all these things are Kafka. In the decades since his death in 1924, the works of Franz Kafka have grown in power and influence. New generations of writers and artists have drawn from the well he opened. Kafkaesque presents a broad range of the outrageously imaginative work that has made Kafka's name known even among people who have never read a word of his fiction.

Eyes Like Leaves
Charles de Lint
February 2012

In this early Charles de Lint novel, previously unavailable in a paperback edition, he spins a stirring epic fantasy of Celtic and Nordic mythology along with swords and sorcery. In the Green Isles, the summer magic is waning. Snake ships pillage the coastal towns and the evil Icelord encases the verdant lands in a permanent frost. A mysterious old wizard prepares to mount one last defense of the Isles, hurrying to instruct his inexperienced apprentice in the art of shape-changing. In a desperate race to awaken the Summerlord, the newfound mage gathers a few remaining allies...

The First Last Unicorn and Other Beginnings
Peter S. Beagle
March 2012

Featuring previously unpublished and uncollected treasures from a much-beloved fantasy icon, this collection is a rare treat for fans of The Last Unicorn and fans of Peter S. Beagle, present and new. A romp through the filing cabinet of Peter S. Beagle’s imagination, this is an unexpected glimpse into the curios, curiosities, and capstones of Beagle's later fiction. Included is a novella-length adventure of the last unicorn, in which she joins a duo of ambivalent demons and seeks out her lost brethren.


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