Friday, April 16, 2010

Darkness Goes Down Choate Road

Gregory Hall over at horror blog Choate Road has just reviewed Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror.

Another factor I enjoyed is getting to read established and decorated writers I haven’t had a chance to dive into yet. In some instances, their stories were the ones I enjoyed the most. Steve Rasnic Tem hit me hard with his story ‘Heat’. I loved Terry Dowling’s ‘Stitch’. I am sad to admit I haven’t read as much Dan Simmons or Poppy Z Brite as I should have. But after being sucked in by their stories here, I’m going to change that.
DARKNESS is about as close to horror perfection as any fan could ask for in an anthology
Awesome! Glad you love the book as much as we do, Gregory.

Read the compete review over at Choate Road


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