Tuesday, April 05, 2011

SF Crowsnest reviews VanderMeer and Van Vogt

Geoff Willmetts at SF Crowsnest has made his way to the "V" section of our Tachyon library. Here are some choice bits of reviews you can find on the site this month:

Future's Past by A. E. Van Vogt

"Van Vogt's niche was to play around with aliens and super-humans in his stories and raise all kinds of issues that could arise from any generation... It's something I learnt my lessons from for my own stories. As the last compilation of Van Vogt's stories before his death [it] should belong in any SF reader’s collection."

Booklife by Jeff VanderMeer

"...'Booklife' is a fascinating practical guide to the world of the modern writer. Published writers who want to understand how to build their readership will find it invaluable. Unpublished writers will learn much that should help them on the route to publication. All writers, no matter what their level of experience or achievement, should find VanderMeer's views on how to balance writing with the rest of your life insightful. This is a book I expect to return to frequently. I can’t recommend it highly enough."

Also, check out the SF Crowsnest interview with Jeff VanderMeer this-a-way!


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