Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book Reviews: The Uncertain Places and Sleight of Hand

Lisa Goldstein's new novel The Uncertain Places has hit the shelves! io9 has a fantastic spotlight on the book:

The world is full of retellings of the Brothers Grimm lately, but Lisa Goldstein's new novel The Uncertain Places makes the world of fairy tales feel like a living place, with a long history that intersects with our own world.

...Lisa Goldstein won an American Book Award for her novel The Red Magician, and her story collection Travellers in Magic contains some of the most arresting fantasy story-telling I've ever come across. So the arrival of a new Goldstein fantasy is a major cause for rejoicing. And The Uncertain Places does not disappoint.

read the rest of the article here (spoilers!)

Outside the internet, Interzone has reviewed Peter S. Beagle's Sleight of Hand in their May-June issue. Here's our favorite part:

Few can match [Beagle] when it comes to a particular mix of the fantastic and the ordinary, with a tinge of nostalgia. As one character observes, the magic is in the telling, always.

You'll have to pick up the magazine to read the rest - but with the wonderful sf/f short fiction, movie reviews, and illustrations, Interzone is well worth a trip to the bookstore


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