Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Richard Dansky, over at our new favorite adorable blog, Sleeping Hedgehog, has reviewed Charles de Lint's Promises to Keep, concluding:

"In the end, Promises to Keep is an origin story, the tale of how and why Jilly Coppercorn came to be. It doesn't unveil any grand mysteries or drive forward any earth-shattering metaplots; instead, it shores up everything the long-time Newford reader already knows and loves, and gives it a stronger foundation. Jilly emerges from Promises to Keep stronger, more sympathetic and believable, and in light of what's now known about her early days and choices, even more admirable. A first-time reader may enjoy the book as the origin story of an interesting character; a De Lint fan will come away with their experience of the rest of the Newford canon deepened."


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