Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tor's Genre in the Mainstream Series: The Secret History of Science Fiction

Tor.com's blog series, Genre in the Mainstream, shows that sometimes the difference between genre fiction and literary fiction boils down to the section where the book is shelved. Though there's lots to offer the science fiction/fantasy fan at the mainstream fiction end of the bookstore, as for the literary fiction buffs, you've been enjoying great genre for years whether you know it or not.

Today Genre in the Mainstream highlights Tachyon's 2009 anthology, The Secret History of Science Fiction:

"Instead of convincing you with a series of essays, (like Genre in the Mainstream) Kelly and Kessel pushed their thesis forward by laying out a bunch of stories from various authors in order to demonstrate cross pollination between genres has been happening for ages...If you’re interested in reading a bunch of stories written by some of the best contemporary writers out there, you’ll like this anthology. If you also want to read some of the best science fiction stories since the 70s, you’ll love this anthology."


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