Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tim Powers is In Ur Bible, Fixin Ur Scripturz

So here I am, getting The Bible Repairman by Tim Powers ready to send to the printer, and I am seething with indignity.

Look at this cover:

Pretty badass, right? But I still think they should have gone with mine:

"It's too old a meme!" They said. But I said, "No. It's classic. Tried and true."

Alas! My protests fell on deaf ears, and you'll be seeing the serious version on shelves come September. Meanwhile, I have some finishing touches to make on our October release:


Blogger Sniffly Kitty said...

The Doctorow release is really cute looking ^.^

I do think your version of the cover would have been popular among a certain set~~

7/26/2011 8:32 PM  

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